For more than 10 years, Dr. Bernie Raudszus has successfully directed and coordinated a wide range of clinical and managerial functions while overseeing psychological services at Living Well Counseling Center in Plymouth, Michigan. Drawing on more than three decades of pastoral and clinical counseling experience, Dr. Bernie Raudszus functions as the founder and Director of the Living Well Counseling Center. In this role, Dr. Bernie Raudszus handles the daily operations at the busy mental health clinic. Dr. Bernie Raudszus counsels adults and children with mental conditions, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, various addictions, eating disorders, and spiritual concerns, among others. As the founder of the Living Well Counseling Center, Dr. Bernie Raudszus aims to help individuals cope with their psychological pain and deal with its causes.

The burgeoning Living Well Counseling Center has become successful based on word-of-mouth, experiencing consistent growth since its inception in 1999. Supervising day-to-day operations at the Living Well Counseling Center, Dr. Bernie Raudszus manages all of the psychological services, including interactions with privately owned companies and community-based agencies, focusing specifically on particular cases and related mental health programs. As the main administrator of the center, Dr. Bernie Raudszus interviews, screens, and hires the Living Well Counseling Center’s staff, including clinicians and assorted clinic support employees. Prior to his professional endeavors at Living Well Counseling Center, Dr. Bernie Raudszus earned a wide range of licenses and degrees, including a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling from the Ashland Theological Seminary, graduating with distinction in 1996.

Six years later, Dr. Bernie Raudszus earned his Doctor of Philosophy with a multidisciplinary focus and concentration in Clinical Psychology from the Union Institute and University in Cincinnati. His dissertation, “Religion and Mental Health: Perceptions of Referral Attitudes toward Secular Therapy and Psychology among Assemblies of God Ministers in the State of Michigan,” was published in October 2003. As an Adjunct Professor at Spring Arbor University in Dearborn, Michigan, Dr. Bernie Raudszus develops curriculum plans, performs seminars and lectures, and creates practice formats for classes with 15 to 25 students. A charitable individual, Dr. Bernie Raudszus has served as a volunteer chaplain in local jails and worked for a search-and-rescue civic air patrol for the state of Montana.


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